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Harden YOUR Resolve

I’m just getting done what I’ve got to get done and continuing to live up to my standards as I achieve MY goals. If you can’t respect that because you feel inferior as you volunteer to live life as a shell of the man you could be, that’s YOUR problem. Never allow yourself to succumb to the false comfort of mediocrity as it’s a cop-out and will only lead you to rabid rationalization to convince yourself otherwise.

Comfort breeds complacency and complacency is DEATH.

When you’re complacent and no longer growing, you’re decaying. Furthermore:

The only thing that gets you through life is motherfucking intestinal fortitude.

Those without it become are the listless losers you seem to encounter everywhere whom go to bed every night wishing to wake up the next morning with the life of their dreams handed to them on a silver platter–no effort required. That’s a fucking fairytale and shit like that DOES NOT HAPPEN. Unless you’re a gold-digging whore of course.
The point is nothing worth having is this world comes easy or is handed out freely to just anyone. If it was easy then everyone would be walking around banking 10K a day, smart, skilled and shredded as fuck. Instead, most people are lucky to have $100 in their bank account, don’t believe anything unless they saw it on TV, have no real skills (read: majored in women’s studies) and have more tires on their body than the Michelin Man. If that’s not motivation to NOT be like everyone else, to be different, to be extraordinary and abnormal then I don’t know what is. Being “normal” or just like everyone else is the worst thing you can be, because it’s normal to be lazy, it’s normal to live life uninspired and without direction or goals, it’s normal to never leave the city you were born in, it’s normal to live paycheck to paycheck and it is normal to splurge on short term pleasures in order to escape your normal (read: SHITTY) reality.
To break free from the monotony of “normal”–which is a ridiculous ideal when you consider it is simply defined by what the majority of sheeple do, one MUST abide by a single rule:
You need to do what others won’t, to achieve what others don’t.
Simply by following this one rule, you will be ahead of at least 95% of your peers. It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows as you work towards your goals, but as long as you continue to grind and hustle your way through with the above in mind, you WILL make it. Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals, keeping an eye on the prize to stoke your motivation, stick to the righteous path and do not be dissuaded–do not fall victim to the pull of normalcy (read: mediocrity). Finally, never allow others to dictate what you can or can’t do or what you should or should not do. The reality is no one knows who the fuck you are or what you’re capable of, so their opinion is meaningless. Live life on your own terms.

The only things that truly matter:

1. Living up to your own (read: HIGH) expectations

2. Achieving your own goals

3. Living your own life

Because after all, who do you have to answer to other than yourself?


Taking Charge

Don’t dump your responsibilities on others, expect anything from others and do not depend upon others.

Realize that everything you want in life will only come about you taking charge of things and doing things right, by yourself.

No one else gives a shit about you or your dreams as much as you do, and if you don’t believe in yourself or your abilities, who will? Your “friends” are more than happy to see you fail as your failure assuages their egos and they feign concern. Women certainly won’t come rushing to your aid either, contrary to the wholesome image the mainstream media, feminists and white knights fight to protect and perpetuate. Your parents? Well, they’re old and senile with only advice to get you as far as they did, which usually isn’t much. They either sure as hell can’t wait for you to leave them the fuck alone after putting up with your shit for 18 years, or don’t care for your own aspirations as they’re too busy living vicariously through you and demanding you live the life they dreamed of, become the doctor/lawyer/mad scientist they couldn’t be fucked to become and achieve their ideal of success.

If you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself.

That shit has never been more true with the sad state of obtuse sheeple whom simply exist to mindlessly consume whatever content is shoved down their gullet . If only they’d open their eyes and purge their mind of their indoctrination, to realize that there is much more to life than racing home to take solace in watching other people’s dreams get crushed on American Idol. Maybe then we’d have a world worth fighting for. Until then, let it burn.



1. Act with confidence

2. Act with conviction

3. Get shit done

4. Don’t look back

5. Always move onwards & upwards

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