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Cultivating the Right Mindset & Maintaining Perspective

Lately I’ve been pondering the meaning of “taking action” and being “task-oriented.”

I felt like I didn’t have a complete understanding or grip on what they meant, even though I was exposed to these ideas on numerous occassions.

Taking action is about all of the little decisions that pop up throughout every day,

ex. from the moment you wake up, are you training your mind to be present?

are you eating the foods that you know help you perform optimally and fuel your brain?

are you exercising on a regular basis?

are you choosing to adopt an optimistic, positive, upbeat, relaxed, smiling demeanour?

are you acting through your own intentions–talking to women you find attractive, having fun with everyone, getting your work done?

are you sleeping adequately?

are you managing your stress–keeping things in perspective and being non-reactive?

are you living in alignment with your core values?

are you being unapologetic in your masculinity and sexuality?

Each day is a blank slate–positive momentum can certainly be built and help propel you forward, but only so far as you are willing to remain disciplined and persistently take complete responsibility for your own experience.

The more often you act consciously and through your own intentions,

in alignment with your:

-core values

-masculine core


-the universe, and

-your authentic self,

the more joy you will find in your actions and life, as well as a deeply satisfying internal fulfillment.

A good barometer for whether you are taking action or not, is to ask yourself these questions:

-Am I being at the cause or the effect right now?

-Am I overwhelming the environment, or is the environment overwhelming me?

-Am I expressing myself freely right now?

-Am I doing what I truly want to do right now or am I being reactive?

-Am I putting my comfort, convenience and considerations first right now?

Make the decision to feel great RIGHT NOW and a commitment to progressively feeling even BETTER. Only you can do it for yourself.

Make the commitment to doing the BEST thing in EVERY MOMENT–taking right action (the choice that you know is the better one for you at a core level).

By “taking action” you help cultivate your instinct/intuition, ability to listen to it and act with it. This is not to be overlooked, it is a huge part of being more self-sufficient and further distancing yourself from social conditioning.

Things to keep in mind as you take more action:

-don’t look to others, the external or the environment for direction, approval or permission

-you give yourself the go-ahead

-your goal is to develop a deeper understanding of the world

-see how every experience benefits you (learn from the highs and the lows)

-start off every day fresh, full of childlike optimism and openness, not wounded or jaded

-the world is only bad relative to some perfection that does not exist–live in the moment, free of expectations

As for being “task-oriented” it is about being fully immersed with whatever you are currently doing, not thinking about the past/future or what anyone thinks about you/consequences, etc. Bringing mindfulness to everything that you do in your daily life. It’s about committing to a lifelong journey towards mastery–one that involves inevitable plateaus, many highs and many lows. Most of all, it is a commitment to persistently working to be better than you were before. Absolve yourself of the notion of a third party standard to “live up” to, or some objective notion of correct action. Simply strive to improve yourself and further develop your entire being.

Your measure of success should be whether you are taking action and how effectively so. Your sense of fulfillment comes from the feeling of autonomy over self, that arises from assuming total responsibility for your own experience and consistently taking more and more action. Personal growth is the goal, and it occurs on a timeline of its own. Sometimes it may feel as if nothing is going on, but remind yourself that even those 1% improvements add up and sometimes are all you need to bust through your plateau.

Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream and he thinks you’re crazy, succeed and he thinks you’re lucky, aquire wealth and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention, he simply doesn’t understand.

– Robert G Allen

Always be all you can be.


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