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The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida

Flow – Mihaly C.

The Way of Transformation – Karlfried Graf Von Durkheim

The Happiness Trip – Duardo Punset

Hara – Karlfried Graf Von Durkheim

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

Watched Donnie Darko for the first time today, great movie.

The negative mindset and feelings of disconnectedness, isolation and emotional disturbance that Donnie felt really resonated with me, as I’ve felt that before and have recently been feeling that way as well (to a much lesser extent however).

I also took away the message that life is short and we can either continue to be incongruent with our true nature by acting within social conditioning and pretending to ignore each other, or we can be in alignment with nature, and connect with each other through common humanity. Instead, choosing to experience an abundance of new and rich relationships, which is a large part of what life is really about anyways.

Imagine you died in your sleep tonight.

Would you be able to say that you lived life to your fullest capacity, within whatever your current means are?

To Read:

Donnie Darko Book

Wild Nights – David Deida


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