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How to Stay Out of Your Head

One of the most effective things you can implement into your daily life that will improve your:
-social skills
-ability to naturally attract women
-sense of inner peace
-neutralize anxiety, stress and depression
-kill the negative voice in your head
-feeling of freedom

is learning how to stay out of your own head and being vigilant about avoiding the negative and disadvantageous thought patterns, feelings and behaviours that ensue.


It’s funny I had originally started drafting this post months ago as I was initially making this shift  and here I am, revisiting this as I’m experiencing this once more.

Going through this again, hopefully I can share all of my epiphanies, thoughts and advice as it is still fresh in my mind and reflect back on what I had planned on writing before.

Below is a list of realizations, tips and advice that I believe will help you tremendously:

-Invite presence into your life throughout your entire day, from rising to sleeping

-“Inner Smile”= imagine a small smile in your mind and as you inhale deeply into your lower abdomen and pelvis, you feel the smile growing larger and as you do this your own smile follows, while exhaling the smile is maintained, it only grows larger with every subsequent breath and you can do this for as long as you like as often during the day as you need

-Positive reframes on anything and everything

-Seeing the humour in life

-Learning to appreciate the little things

-Lowering your criteria for self-amusement

-Being more child-like in terms of wonder, curiosity, having fun, play, smiling, care free

-Embrace non-resistance

-Just let go

-No need, want or desire

-No pressure or expectation

-No-one to impress

-Nothing to prove

-Nothing to lose

-No mental imagery of yourself/anyone/anything

-Do not try

-Do not try to not try

-Just let it be

-Don’t judge it

-Don’t think about it

-Emphasize presence, being and self-esteem

-Outcome independence

-Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t

-Focus on yourself, the internal, the inside

-Bring out the best in yourself and then bring out the best in others

-Identify your core values and live in alignment with them and your masculine core

-Allow your internal compass to guide you

-Act through your own intentions

-Never feel pressured to do anything or pressured by anyone

-If you ever feel like you “need” to do something, don’t do it–just let the false feeling of pressure dissipate

-Deep breathing always, breathe through your mental, physical and emotional tension

-Fall into nothingness (consciousness)

-Shut down your logical mind

-You don’t need to believe in every silly thought that arises, especially not the ones that arise from sleep deprivation or other negative experiences or emotions

-Just be aware–an observer

-Relaxed arousal

-What am I feeling/thinking right now? Why? Is this beneficial to me? No? Eliminate it. (Dissociate from it and rationally deconstruct it)

-Realize that life is full of ups and downs and it’s about not allowing yourself to get too high or low, rather staying on the middle path and a nice, even-keel

-Unattached to the outcome, external, environment

-Realize that there is a cyclical, non-linear and plateau filled progression in human learning

-Dissociate from your emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions when they are not truly “yours”

-What you resist, persists

-Be free

-All suffering is self-imposed

-Pain is inevitable, misery is a choice

-Always maintain perspective, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded and tricked by your compromised mental faculties

-Focus internally and on your own experience

-Focus on the sensations in your body right now–What do you feel? Why? Ease into your body.

-Just have fun and offer/spread/share value without any expectaion of anything in return

-The world is as it is

-It’s all perception–> It starts and ends with YOU.

-Take responsibility for your own experience, but not for others

-Build “bridges” between you and others but do not force anything, it’s really about providing others with an opportunity to get to experience you and letting it be

-Prime your body/mind/physiology/psychology to accept the best and to bring the best out in yourself so you may bring the best out in others, do this with nutrition/exercise/sleep/stress management/positive socialization


The above list is full of things that you can either do or simply remind yourself of when you feel yourself getting into your head. You don’t need to use all of them, rather use whichever ones resonate with you and that you feel will benefit you at that particular time.


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