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The Eternal Wait

Nobody is going to “put you on.”

You need to put yourself “on.”

Success is about mastering consistency–always showing up and knocking out the smaller, immediate tasks which form a chain reaction, providing you with the momentum that further strengthens and reinforces your rock-solid willpower and eventually summates into achieving your ultimate goal. This is tremendous as when combined with a killer instinct in which you’re constantly taking action, being proactive and a hard executer you will be tuned to see the opportunities around you and TAKE THEM.

Success is not something that “just happens” or is some once in a lifetime event that randomly occurs and then you ride off into the sunset all hunky dory and happily ever after.

You’ve gotta realize that there is no future, it simply DOES NOT EXIST.

It’s actually nothing more than a MEANINGLESS thought IN YOUR HEAD.

Life is one continuous moment, all we have is the NOW.

It’s essential that if you aspire to accomplish something down the road, that you lay down the framework for it in the present and continually progress towards that overarching goal–that governs your current behaviors, decisions and choices as you consistently take care of the tasks along the way that feed into that ultimate goal on a daily basis. As well as  being entirely present to the moment, being process oriented, really enjoying every moment and absolutely loving the journey to mastery.

What makes you think you can do jack all in the present, save for a nauseating amount of mental masturbation and expect to be some massive baller in 5 or however many years–that shit is straight up RETARDED.

At the same time it is important to be process oriented over outcome oriented as you are likely to burn out and be miserable if you are outcome oriented and don’t truly enjoy all of the little things along the way.

This is a major distinction between the people who have the longevity to keep hammering away until all that they have been working towards finally culminates into accomplishing the ultimate goal they laid out for themselves, compared to the people who are disgruntled, miserable and unlikely to achieve their goals and if they do, to still feel unhappy or even remorseful for it.

Do it for yourself and ignite your passion.

Find what you love and let it kill you.

-Charles Bukowski


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2 thoughts on “The Eternal Wait

  1. Consistency comes from riding the wave when you’re ‘on’ and taking action anyway when you’re not.

  2. Definitely, cultivating unstoppable willpower is about treating everything you do in life as practice for being a hard executer. No matter how menial the task and how uninterested you are, you can CHOOSE to either further develop your willpower or have it erode.

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