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Eye Contact

The eyes never lie.

Something I have noticed while interacting with many different women is that they will invariably and immediately “lock on” to my eyes and never break eye contact. When they do this, I simply remain present to the moment without any thoughts in my mind and maintain an unwavering, relaxed, yet penetrating gaze, deep into their eyes with a slight smile.

When you do this, it really solidifies that “personal bubble” between the two of you and it’s a very deep feeling that you will experience. You really do get lost in the moment. You’ll also notice the girl seems to look like she’s in a trance of some sort as she has a blank expression of fascination on her face. It’s as if they’re looking right into your core and really experiencing that masculine heat.

Women will automatically want to look at you and look into your eyes, as they recognize your high value–this is the initial response. Beyond that, I believe that women lock onto your eyes to first discern whether you are in fact the “real deal” and are who she thinks you are (who you come across as). Once they have determined that you are in fact authentic, congruent and real they become even more aroused and attracted. This is where you notice them slip into that trance.

Experiences such as these really highlight and solidify what really matters when it comes to success with women– living in alignment with your masculine core, expressing your authentic self and being present. In times such as these you really begin to understand just how deep and real, your influence is as a man, on all of those around you, especially women. This is also a reflection of how the self is always coming through and how your inner thoughts, beliefs and identity translate outwards into the external world and how they are perceived.

Ultimately it’s a very enjoyable, interesting and fun experience as you become extremely present to the moment and notice the girl becoming even more aroused and attracted simply by your being.


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