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The Crux of Life: Sleep


You know it, I know it, we all know it.

SLEEP is so motherfucking important.

When you’re sleep deprived you don’t consciously realize this, but you automatically begin a slow and insidious downward descent into the thralls of negativity and mediocrity.

You won’t even realize it, but you’ll automatically end up espousing and embodying typical loser behaviours, things that you thought you left behind and were no longer a part of your identity or demeanour.

Yet amazingly, somehow they’re here and where did they come from?

How do you get rid of them?

What’s happening to me?

I just want to give up and fuck all of this self-development shit, it’s so hard…



This is a huge realization that only came to me roughly a year ago after experiencing all sorts of disturbed sleep patterns, where I was sleeping like a fucking vampire, not sleeping at all, sleeping alright or when all my lucky stars aligned, managed to get some semi-decent sleep.

Here it is:

When your sleep is disturbed and you are not getting the sleep quantity or quality you require (8+ consecutive, uninterrupted hours of deep sleep) you are in an altered state.

This state FUCKS with YOU.

Your perception is altered–it becomes flawed, everything seems to take on a negative tinge.

It almost becomes impossible for you to see the positive in anything, or to even accept anything positive especially if it was directed at you.

You fail to see yourself as the REAL YOU, the man that people defer to and who brings the motherfucking party.

The man who lives with conviction, moving through life with ease as he is entirely self-reliant on his own core confidence.

You know how sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “DAMN. I’m one sexy son of a bitch, you handsome motherfucker, you..” and other times you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and say, “WTF, damn I’m not looking so sharp today…”

Realize that you’re the exact same person, nothing has changed.

You are, “…one sexy son of a bitch,” all the fucking time.

The only thing that has changed between those moments is your perception–it is FLAWED.

You absolutely cannot trust your perception, thoughts or mind when you are running on disturbed sleep.

You can only trust them when you’re running 100% optimally, and even then only with a grain of salt.

It is absolutely crucial that you recognize, realize and remember that when you are experiencing a disrupted sleeping pattern, all of your thoughts, actions, beliefs, words, behaviour and perception is not your own.

It DOESN’T belong to you.

It’s fake.

It’s the negativity spurned by the sleep deprivation that is manifesting itself.

Half the battle is recognizing this, the other half is beating it.


How to beat the negativity brought on by sleep deprivation:

1. Seriously make improving your sleep quantity/quality your NUMBER ONE priority.

-focus on improving sleep hygiene, ex. blackout curtains, earplugs, eye mask, cool room, white noise, melatonin, unwinding at the end of the day, putting away technology near bed time, etc.

2. Meditate

-focus on being present, this can also be facilitated by engaging in some competition or activity that requires your full attention, something that you just get lost in like sports

3. Do your best to stop negative thoughts and behaviour patterns in their tracks as they occur

-catch them as soon as they pop up, and work to positively reframe them, ignore them or laugh at them and let them pass through you, also may try rationally deconstructing them to help you realize how ridiculous and disadvantageous such thoughts/behaviours really are

ex. what am I feeling right now? slightly anxious? why? how does this benefit me? is there any possible advantage to feeling this way? No? Then fuck it. Done.

4. Focus on these 3 things when you’re out

-positive vibes
-happy feels

(trust me, this will get you in a great mood and people will be compelled to open you if you don’t open them first)

5. Surround yourself with positivity

-positive people
-positive environment
-positive thoughts/memories

It’s infectious and will catch on, you just have to let go and let it happen.

Do not allow yourself to go down the slippery slope of unfounded negativity and erroneous defeatism.


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