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Taking the Reigns

Do you ever stop to look around and realize how docile everyone is?

You also may have noticed how many people seem to go about their days in a semi-somnambulistic state–almost as if they’re in a haze, listlessly going about their mundane existence. Always in search of something they’re missing that’s “out there.” Hell, maybe you are that person.

Well, you shouldn’t be. 

It’s important to recognize, realize and remember this point:

You create your own happiness.

It’s my contention that the people whom I described above have one key thing in common:

they look to the external–to the environment, and others for subsistence and happiness.

That’s the wrong mindset and you’ll never be truly happy or self-actualized that way.

At best, you’ll end up an emotional rollercoaster, feeling glum most of the time with the odd high–which some artificially create as they turn to drugs/alcohol to escape their reality–even if for only a few moments.

Fuck that.

You and ONLY you are responsible for your own happiness. Further, your happiness comes 100% from within–it’s internally motivated. You’re not some little beta bitch boy who wears his emotions on his sleeve and lets others and the environment dictate his demeanour. 


This leads me to what I really wanted to mention today:

The Importance of Initiative.

Similar to how your happiness is 100% internally controlled, you dictate the outcome of your life.

What I mean by that is that if you want something, you need to harden your resolve and go motherfucking get it.

This means taking initiative with women and men, leading every interaction that you have.

You set the dynamic in each and every interaction you have. You don’t allow others or the environment to dictate to you what you can or cannot do. You make shit happen. The world bends over backwards for YOU. Dominate, don’t supplicate.

Practically, this means that you don’t slink around when you enter a room, barely being noticed.

Instead, you’ve been working on cultivating presence (something I’ll write about in the future) and when you enter the room and everywhere you go about, you’re emitting a lot of positive energy and it’s infectious. People notice it, they can feel it and are drawn to it. You can feel all eyes on you. You’re getting heavy eye contact, you catch a couple girls staring and turning around just to get another look at you.

But none of this matters to you.

Sure, it’s nice but it is meaningless to your happiness. You’ve already brought all of that energy into the room and around you wherever you go. It’s constant.

However, this is a great tool as it puts you into the right mood for social interactions.

  • You’re looking to maximize your self-amusement
  • Have a lot of fun
  • Be sociable

That’s it.

Now when you combine that frame of mind with your infectious presence, you’re one dangerous man.

People, and especially girls want to be drawn into your world. They’re all extremely receptive to you before you even speak a word or look in their direction. Now it’s your game to lose. All you have to do is get the magic word out of your mouth:



It’s also crucial to take initiative in your life with respect to your own goals, ambitions and personal development.

It’s a common theme in the western world to become complacent, fearful of change–even fearful of success and to be lulled into the false comfort of mediocrity. This threat is especially potent when you are surrounded by pussies and manginas with no zest for life (losers) who will only serve to pull you down to their level. Remember, company matters.

It’s even worse when you consider how well accepted it is, how it’s considered perfectly “normal” just because it’s common, (not because it’s desirable). How it’s even encouraged–who hasn’t been told to just “settle down” get a “safe job” and saddle up with a post-wall victim so you can grow to hate eachother–happily ever after of course.

Fuck that.

Realize that everyone out there is looking out for number one and that no one is going to give as much of a shit about you and your aspirations as YOU do. So if you aren’t completely into whatever it is you’re doing and if you don’t have much of a resolve or aspire to do anything extraordinary, you NEVER will. No one is going to gift you anything. Sometimes opportunities will present themselves to you, but ultimately you have to make your own opportunities by being PROACTIVE not reactive. Further, no one can do something for you. What I mean by this is if you want something you need to sack up and fucking go for it. A great example of this are fat people. Between bites of cookie dough, you always hear them whine and complain about how they want to lose weight and finally get in shape. Yet they never do it because they’re always looking for that magic pill or someone/something to MOTIVATE them. They’re not serious about their aspirations, their life or themselves. Being fat is admitting that you have ZERO self-respect. Fat people are a great example of what not to do with your life.

You need to be different, take initiative in your own life with respect to your goals and personal development.

Nobody can do it for you.


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