The rulebook for men in the 21st century

Unapologetic masculinity

Look Around

Do you ever look around sometimes and just wonder if anything is even real? When you think about it, isn’t everything in our environment just some artificially constructed human bullshit with no meaning? When you fully accept the fact that we’re just animals like anything else, everything our societies are built upon and churn out just seems meaningless, even foreign. How fucking weird is it that people give a shit about having the latest iphone or that they missed the latest episode of maury?

Seriously, who gives a fuck?

We’re so out of touch with our carnal instincts and primal nature in our pussified societies. Humans are meant to move, play, touch, fight, get their hands dirty, experience and live, not spend their lives chained to a fucking desk so we can “make mommy and daddy proud” while greasing the pole of Big Brother. We are WAY too happy being shameless consumers living a passive life. In our ass-backwards society we shun our biological reality while touting being able to stomach the cock of big brother as an achievement. It’s sickening.

Is nihilism the natural progression following the adoption of a red pill attitude? It sure feels like it.


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