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Company Matters

You are the average of the five people whom you spend the most time with

-credit: who gives a fuck

I’m already starting to feel dirty after quoting a phrase that’s been used and abused to hell and back…so let’s get this post over with.

The point is, who you surround yourself with, spend time with, exchange advice with, whatever is of paramount importance. Like it or not, when you get a group of people together they tend to homogenize their behaviours and thoughts as the mental landscape of each individual shifts towards that of an in-group mentality. It becomes an issue of “US vs THEM” and members lose their own sense of self as they begin to assume the identity of the group instead. The problem with this, is that if you happen to join a group of beta males, omega dregs or starbucks baristas, you have now chosen to immerse yourself within a group of losers and assume the identity of a loser. Now when you have been a part of a group such as that, you become dependent upon them and your mind has been warped to embrace mediocrity, relish the opportunity to live a mundane existence and accept the thrill of “looking forward binge drinking on the weekend” as the highlight of every week. This is wonderful if you are content with living an average life as you slowly waste away as another cog participating in the 9 to 5 drag.

But if you’re reading this that is not you. In that case you need to surround yourself with like-minded winners looking to get the most out of life–rejecting the 9 to 5 soul-eating experience, de-pedestalizing women and choosing to embrace your masculinity. Do not allow your spirit and life to be lost to the in-groupism of a parasitic group. If necessary, feel free to roll solo. While being part of a group has its benefits when executed properly, there is nothing more liberating than truly going your own way.  The rush of creativity, overwhelming sense of individuality, increased clarity, sense of inner peace and jolt of drive experienced when you unplug yourself from the gallows of mainstream mediocrity, is unlike anything else. As new-agey as it may sound, you truly do not know the identity of the man you see staring back at you in the mirror, until you’ve excised the small-minded lackeys from your life and genuinely gone your own way. Once you do, you’ll find it very refreshing.


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  1. We’re definitely onto something here brotha!

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