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Cultivating the Right Mindset & Maintaining Perspective

Lately I’ve been pondering the meaning of “taking action” and being “task-oriented.”

I felt like I didn’t have a complete understanding or grip on what they meant, even though I was exposed to these ideas on numerous occassions.

Taking action is about all of the little decisions that pop up throughout every day,

ex. from the moment you wake up, are you training your mind to be present?

are you eating the foods that you know help you perform optimally and fuel your brain?

are you exercising on a regular basis?

are you choosing to adopt an optimistic, positive, upbeat, relaxed, smiling demeanour?

are you acting through your own intentions–talking to women you find attractive, having fun with everyone, getting your work done?

are you sleeping adequately?

are you managing your stress–keeping things in perspective and being non-reactive?

are you living in alignment with your core values?

are you being unapologetic in your masculinity and sexuality?

Each day is a blank slate–positive momentum can certainly be built and help propel you forward, but only so far as you are willing to remain disciplined and persistently take complete responsibility for your own experience.

The more often you act consciously and through your own intentions,

in alignment with your:

-core values

-masculine core


-the universe, and

-your authentic self,

the more joy you will find in your actions and life, as well as a deeply satisfying internal fulfillment.

A good barometer for whether you are taking action or not, is to ask yourself these questions:

-Am I being at the cause or the effect right now?

-Am I overwhelming the environment, or is the environment overwhelming me?

-Am I expressing myself freely right now?

-Am I doing what I truly want to do right now or am I being reactive?

-Am I putting my comfort, convenience and considerations first right now?

Make the decision to feel great RIGHT NOW and a commitment to progressively feeling even BETTER. Only you can do it for yourself.

Make the commitment to doing the BEST thing in EVERY MOMENT–taking right action (the choice that you know is the better one for you at a core level).

By “taking action” you help cultivate your instinct/intuition, ability to listen to it and act with it. This is not to be overlooked, it is a huge part of being more self-sufficient and further distancing yourself from social conditioning.

Things to keep in mind as you take more action:

-don’t look to others, the external or the environment for direction, approval or permission

-you give yourself the go-ahead

-your goal is to develop a deeper understanding of the world

-see how every experience benefits you (learn from the highs and the lows)

-start off every day fresh, full of childlike optimism and openness, not wounded or jaded

-the world is only bad relative to some perfection that does not exist–live in the moment, free of expectations

As for being “task-oriented” it is about being fully immersed with whatever you are currently doing, not thinking about the past/future or what anyone thinks about you/consequences, etc. Bringing mindfulness to everything that you do in your daily life. It’s about committing to a lifelong journey towards mastery–one that involves inevitable plateaus, many highs and many lows. Most of all, it is a commitment to persistently working to be better than you were before. Absolve yourself of the notion of a third party standard to “live up” to, or some objective notion of correct action. Simply strive to improve yourself and further develop your entire being.

Your measure of success should be whether you are taking action and how effectively so. Your sense of fulfillment comes from the feeling of autonomy over self, that arises from assuming total responsibility for your own experience and consistently taking more and more action. Personal growth is the goal, and it occurs on a timeline of its own. Sometimes it may feel as if nothing is going on, but remind yourself that even those 1% improvements add up and sometimes are all you need to bust through your plateau.

Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream and he thinks you’re crazy, succeed and he thinks you’re lucky, aquire wealth and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention, he simply doesn’t understand.

– Robert G Allen

Always be all you can be.


Currently Reading

The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida

Flow – Mihaly C.

The Way of Transformation – Karlfried Graf Von Durkheim

The Happiness Trip – Duardo Punset

Hara – Karlfried Graf Von Durkheim

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

Watched Donnie Darko for the first time today, great movie.

The negative mindset and feelings of disconnectedness, isolation and emotional disturbance that Donnie felt really resonated with me, as I’ve felt that before and have recently been feeling that way as well (to a much lesser extent however).

I also took away the message that life is short and we can either continue to be incongruent with our true nature by acting within social conditioning and pretending to ignore each other, or we can be in alignment with nature, and connect with each other through common humanity. Instead, choosing to experience an abundance of new and rich relationships, which is a large part of what life is really about anyways.

Imagine you died in your sleep tonight.

Would you be able to say that you lived life to your fullest capacity, within whatever your current means are?

To Read:

Donnie Darko Book

Wild Nights – David Deida

How to Draw State from Within

Before delving into exactly how to do this, it is important that you keep in mind these key points:

1. State is something you relax into, not something you amp yourself into

2. Do not stress about it, obsess over it, think about it or try hard for it

3. It will become easier and more natural over time with practice as it becomes internalized and is your new default

4. Completely letting go, having fun and developing a strong sense of self-trust all facilitate the presence of state

5. Focus on your own experience, yourself and the sensations in your own body, maintain a relaxed gaze and pay no attention to the environment

6. Don’t judge anything or anyone, including yourself

7. This will all be much easier if not come naturally to you if you are consistently sleeping well and have your nutrition, exercise and stress management dialed in


Realize that ultimately, you have complete autonomy over your current state of mind, emotions and mood.

Invite presence (stop thinking).

You may recall a happy memory, focusing on feeling those same positive vibes, happy feelings and good emotions you felt at that time, almost as if a mental movie is playing in your head (can be silent or not).

You may imagine a peaceful and happy place where you are totally at ease, comfortable and feel great (maybe you feel the sun shining a bright light on you that fills you with positive energy).

You may practice the inner smile.

With the above techniques, it is important that you truly feel the emotions in your body and then allow them to shine through you and don’t simply try to force a smile. You cannot force positive emotions or a smile, it will come across as totally incongruent, fake and definitely weird. Rather, you allow yourself to truly feel those emotions and things will often fall into place from there, feeling totally natural and congruent. A major way that you can differentiate between the fake/incongruent smile and the real/congruent smile is whether or not you are smiling with your eyes. When you truly feel the positive emotions, you will notice that you can see your eyes communicating the smile as well, have a totally relaxed and warm or inviting gaze. It is less important that you smile with your mouth, it is all about the eyes. Your smile with your mouth may actually only be very slight or a small smirk, but if you can master smiling with your eyes, that is the most important part.

The process can be outlined like this:

Relax/let go —> Focus on feeling positive emotions —> Feel positive emotions building up inside of you —> Allow them to express themselves and “shine” through you, ex. smiling with your eyes —> You feel great —> Naturally emit a positive and infectious vibe —> Everyone takes notice and are naturally very receptive to you —> Trust in the law of state transference —> Have a great time

Alternatively, you may start moving your body and just doing something silly or something that allows you to let go (jumping up and down, clapping  your hands, snapping your fingers, fist pumping–the idea that motion creates emotion via RSD).


Additional Factors that will facilitate sliding into and maintaining perpetual state:

Living in alignment with your masculine core

  • living in alignment with the natural order of things, being unapologetic in your masculinity and sexuality

your core values and beliefs

  • integrity, “owning” everything that you do, self-trust, self-reliance, self-acceptance/self-love, answering only to yourself, being on YOUR purpose, all women love sex, all women love you, all women are very fun, feminine, warm, affectionate and bubbly little kittens just full of love dying for the opportunity to get to experience you and give themselves to you

acting through your own intentions

  • taking action, doing what YOU want to do, never doing anything out of a false feeling of “need” or “pressure”, being unreactive, not filtering yourself at all–whether language or actions

allowing your internal compass to guide you

  • trusting your instincts

and being a positive-dominant presence

  • being in a meditative state, pure self-expression, playfully challenging



self-trust=  completely letting go, being entirely present, not thinking ahead, allowing everything to just flow out of your core, not judging yourself or filtering yourself, making yourself available/putting yourself out there and letting it be, trusting that you will take the right action and make the right decision at the right time, realizing that you are enough, essentially “being”

How to Stay Out of Your Head

One of the most effective things you can implement into your daily life that will improve your:
-social skills
-ability to naturally attract women
-sense of inner peace
-neutralize anxiety, stress and depression
-kill the negative voice in your head
-feeling of freedom

is learning how to stay out of your own head and being vigilant about avoiding the negative and disadvantageous thought patterns, feelings and behaviours that ensue.


It’s funny I had originally started drafting this post months ago as I was initially making this shift  and here I am, revisiting this as I’m experiencing this once more.

Going through this again, hopefully I can share all of my epiphanies, thoughts and advice as it is still fresh in my mind and reflect back on what I had planned on writing before.

Below is a list of realizations, tips and advice that I believe will help you tremendously:

-Invite presence into your life throughout your entire day, from rising to sleeping

-“Inner Smile”= imagine a small smile in your mind and as you inhale deeply into your lower abdomen and pelvis, you feel the smile growing larger and as you do this your own smile follows, while exhaling the smile is maintained, it only grows larger with every subsequent breath and you can do this for as long as you like as often during the day as you need

-Positive reframes on anything and everything

-Seeing the humour in life

-Learning to appreciate the little things

-Lowering your criteria for self-amusement

-Being more child-like in terms of wonder, curiosity, having fun, play, smiling, care free

-Embrace non-resistance

-Just let go

-No need, want or desire

-No pressure or expectation

-No-one to impress

-Nothing to prove

-Nothing to lose

-No mental imagery of yourself/anyone/anything

-Do not try

-Do not try to not try

-Just let it be

-Don’t judge it

-Don’t think about it

-Emphasize presence, being and self-esteem

-Outcome independence

-Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t

-Focus on yourself, the internal, the inside

-Bring out the best in yourself and then bring out the best in others

-Identify your core values and live in alignment with them and your masculine core

-Allow your internal compass to guide you

-Act through your own intentions

-Never feel pressured to do anything or pressured by anyone

-If you ever feel like you “need” to do something, don’t do it–just let the false feeling of pressure dissipate

-Deep breathing always, breathe through your mental, physical and emotional tension

-Fall into nothingness (consciousness)

-Shut down your logical mind

-You don’t need to believe in every silly thought that arises, especially not the ones that arise from sleep deprivation or other negative experiences or emotions

-Just be aware–an observer

-Relaxed arousal

-What am I feeling/thinking right now? Why? Is this beneficial to me? No? Eliminate it. (Dissociate from it and rationally deconstruct it)

-Realize that life is full of ups and downs and it’s about not allowing yourself to get too high or low, rather staying on the middle path and a nice, even-keel

-Unattached to the outcome, external, environment

-Realize that there is a cyclical, non-linear and plateau filled progression in human learning

-Dissociate from your emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions when they are not truly “yours”

-What you resist, persists

-Be free

-All suffering is self-imposed

-Pain is inevitable, misery is a choice

-Always maintain perspective, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded and tricked by your compromised mental faculties

-Focus internally and on your own experience

-Focus on the sensations in your body right now–What do you feel? Why? Ease into your body.

-Just have fun and offer/spread/share value without any expectaion of anything in return

-The world is as it is

-It’s all perception–> It starts and ends with YOU.

-Take responsibility for your own experience, but not for others

-Build “bridges” between you and others but do not force anything, it’s really about providing others with an opportunity to get to experience you and letting it be

-Prime your body/mind/physiology/psychology to accept the best and to bring the best out in yourself so you may bring the best out in others, do this with nutrition/exercise/sleep/stress management/positive socialization


The above list is full of things that you can either do or simply remind yourself of when you feel yourself getting into your head. You don’t need to use all of them, rather use whichever ones resonate with you and that you feel will benefit you at that particular time.

The Eternal Wait

Nobody is going to “put you on.”

You need to put yourself “on.”

Success is about mastering consistency–always showing up and knocking out the smaller, immediate tasks which form a chain reaction, providing you with the momentum that further strengthens and reinforces your rock-solid willpower and eventually summates into achieving your ultimate goal. This is tremendous as when combined with a killer instinct in which you’re constantly taking action, being proactive and a hard executer you will be tuned to see the opportunities around you and TAKE THEM.

Success is not something that “just happens” or is some once in a lifetime event that randomly occurs and then you ride off into the sunset all hunky dory and happily ever after.

You’ve gotta realize that there is no future, it simply DOES NOT EXIST.

It’s actually nothing more than a MEANINGLESS thought IN YOUR HEAD.

Life is one continuous moment, all we have is the NOW.

It’s essential that if you aspire to accomplish something down the road, that you lay down the framework for it in the present and continually progress towards that overarching goal–that governs your current behaviors, decisions and choices as you consistently take care of the tasks along the way that feed into that ultimate goal on a daily basis. As well as  being entirely present to the moment, being process oriented, really enjoying every moment and absolutely loving the journey to mastery.

What makes you think you can do jack all in the present, save for a nauseating amount of mental masturbation and expect to be some massive baller in 5 or however many years–that shit is straight up RETARDED.

At the same time it is important to be process oriented over outcome oriented as you are likely to burn out and be miserable if you are outcome oriented and don’t truly enjoy all of the little things along the way.

This is a major distinction between the people who have the longevity to keep hammering away until all that they have been working towards finally culminates into accomplishing the ultimate goal they laid out for themselves, compared to the people who are disgruntled, miserable and unlikely to achieve their goals and if they do, to still feel unhappy or even remorseful for it.

Do it for yourself and ignite your passion.

Find what you love and let it kill you.

-Charles Bukowski

Eye Contact

The eyes never lie.

Something I have noticed while interacting with many different women is that they will invariably and immediately “lock on” to my eyes and never break eye contact. When they do this, I simply remain present to the moment without any thoughts in my mind and maintain an unwavering, relaxed, yet penetrating gaze, deep into their eyes with a slight smile.

When you do this, it really solidifies that “personal bubble” between the two of you and it’s a very deep feeling that you will experience. You really do get lost in the moment. You’ll also notice the girl seems to look like she’s in a trance of some sort as she has a blank expression of fascination on her face. It’s as if they’re looking right into your core and really experiencing that masculine heat.

Women will automatically want to look at you and look into your eyes, as they recognize your high value–this is the initial response. Beyond that, I believe that women lock onto your eyes to first discern whether you are in fact the “real deal” and are who she thinks you are (who you come across as). Once they have determined that you are in fact authentic, congruent and real they become even more aroused and attracted. This is where you notice them slip into that trance.

Experiences such as these really highlight and solidify what really matters when it comes to success with women– living in alignment with your masculine core, expressing your authentic self and being present. In times such as these you really begin to understand just how deep and real, your influence is as a man, on all of those around you, especially women. This is also a reflection of how the self is always coming through and how your inner thoughts, beliefs and identity translate outwards into the external world and how they are perceived.

Ultimately it’s a very enjoyable, interesting and fun experience as you become extremely present to the moment and notice the girl becoming even more aroused and attracted simply by your being.

Maturing into Masculinity

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
– I Corinthians 13:11

It’s pretty amazing how much I have changed in just the last 3-4 months. One thing that has really struck a chord with me is developing this whole new and deep understanding of what masculinity really is.

In my opinion and based on experience, masculinity is not:

-overly analytical
-emotionally reactive

Instead masculinity is:

-emotionally unreactive
-at ease
-on your purpose

I’ve really been moving away from the first list and more into the second and everything just feels much more natural and right. My personal relationships have all improved and I have a much greater appreciation for everything, life is an amazing thing.

There has also been a noticeable and immediate improvement in my relationships and interactions with women. While I’ve always had a number of women attracted to me, it’s gotten to the point where almost every woman I interact with is noticeably attracted to me immediately (ex. doe eyes, lights up around me, gets suddenly shy/nervous, never breaks eye contact, always smiling, voice gets higher/sweeter, very feminine and affectionate, etc.). Just walking around I get a lot of warm eye contact and smiles, girls open me on a regular basis and this all happens just by me “being” as I’m not even saying or doing anything, simply making eye contact and slightly smirking. Apparently 93% of communication is nonverbal, based on my experiences I would wholeheartedly agree and when you can really tune into this it is like a whole new world opens up to you. Further, I truly believe that women are very sensitive to this type of communication, just as they are with the emotional subtext of conversations (another valuable skill that is huge). When I talk to women all of this just gets amplified further and there is an immediate and strong sexual tension where you can feel that “electricity” in the air and the personal bubble closing off around the two of you.

You also realize how women are not these “social monsters” or “mean bitches” or anything like that at all. They’re honestly very vulnerable, insecure and fearful. Further, they all have the capacity to be very warm, feminine and affectionate–you just have to be able to bring it out of them (with your masculine polarity and presence). Women are all just longing to find a real man they can truly open up to and give themselves to. Women derive internal fulfillment from pleasing a man who can dominate them physically, mentally and emotionally. Men derive internal fulfillment from being a positive influence on all those around them, living in alignment with their core values and acting through their own intentions.

It is important to assume the positive, be present and warm, as you need to go there first in order to make room for others to meet you there. The vast majority of people (women included) are stuck in social conditioning so it is your responsibility to “go there first” so that you provide them with the permission to be real with you as you are real with them and have a genuine connection. When you are able to do this, you are able to cut right to the core of others and bypass all superficiality and really get to know people and share some amazing experiences.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

I feel like social conditioning and our tendency to be our own worst critic are what drive us towards the first list and away from our true selves. I’ve also come to realize how self-actualization and being your authentic self and your best self is not about finding something “out there” in the external. It’s really about stripping away all of the mental and emotional bullshit that you have accumulated over the years and getting down to your masculine core. Ultimately, living in alignment with your masculine core, allowing your internal compass to guide you and acting through your own intentions.

You already have everything you need.

It’s all inside you.

Millions of years of human evolution have guaranteed this.

The Crux of Life: Sleep


You know it, I know it, we all know it.

SLEEP is so motherfucking important.

When you’re sleep deprived you don’t consciously realize this, but you automatically begin a slow and insidious downward descent into the thralls of negativity and mediocrity.

You won’t even realize it, but you’ll automatically end up espousing and embodying typical loser behaviours, things that you thought you left behind and were no longer a part of your identity or demeanour.

Yet amazingly, somehow they’re here and where did they come from?

How do you get rid of them?

What’s happening to me?

I just want to give up and fuck all of this self-development shit, it’s so hard…



This is a huge realization that only came to me roughly a year ago after experiencing all sorts of disturbed sleep patterns, where I was sleeping like a fucking vampire, not sleeping at all, sleeping alright or when all my lucky stars aligned, managed to get some semi-decent sleep.

Here it is:

When your sleep is disturbed and you are not getting the sleep quantity or quality you require (8+ consecutive, uninterrupted hours of deep sleep) you are in an altered state.

This state FUCKS with YOU.

Your perception is altered–it becomes flawed, everything seems to take on a negative tinge.

It almost becomes impossible for you to see the positive in anything, or to even accept anything positive especially if it was directed at you.

You fail to see yourself as the REAL YOU, the man that people defer to and who brings the motherfucking party.

The man who lives with conviction, moving through life with ease as he is entirely self-reliant on his own core confidence.

You know how sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “DAMN. I’m one sexy son of a bitch, you handsome motherfucker, you..” and other times you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and say, “WTF, damn I’m not looking so sharp today…”

Realize that you’re the exact same person, nothing has changed.

You are, “…one sexy son of a bitch,” all the fucking time.

The only thing that has changed between those moments is your perception–it is FLAWED.

You absolutely cannot trust your perception, thoughts or mind when you are running on disturbed sleep.

You can only trust them when you’re running 100% optimally, and even then only with a grain of salt.

It is absolutely crucial that you recognize, realize and remember that when you are experiencing a disrupted sleeping pattern, all of your thoughts, actions, beliefs, words, behaviour and perception is not your own.

It DOESN’T belong to you.

It’s fake.

It’s the negativity spurned by the sleep deprivation that is manifesting itself.

Half the battle is recognizing this, the other half is beating it.


How to beat the negativity brought on by sleep deprivation:

1. Seriously make improving your sleep quantity/quality your NUMBER ONE priority.

-focus on improving sleep hygiene, ex. blackout curtains, earplugs, eye mask, cool room, white noise, melatonin, unwinding at the end of the day, putting away technology near bed time, etc.

2. Meditate

-focus on being present, this can also be facilitated by engaging in some competition or activity that requires your full attention, something that you just get lost in like sports

3. Do your best to stop negative thoughts and behaviour patterns in their tracks as they occur

-catch them as soon as they pop up, and work to positively reframe them, ignore them or laugh at them and let them pass through you, also may try rationally deconstructing them to help you realize how ridiculous and disadvantageous such thoughts/behaviours really are

ex. what am I feeling right now? slightly anxious? why? how does this benefit me? is there any possible advantage to feeling this way? No? Then fuck it. Done.

4. Focus on these 3 things when you’re out

-positive vibes
-happy feels

(trust me, this will get you in a great mood and people will be compelled to open you if you don’t open them first)

5. Surround yourself with positivity

-positive people
-positive environment
-positive thoughts/memories

It’s infectious and will catch on, you just have to let go and let it happen.

Do not allow yourself to go down the slippery slope of unfounded negativity and erroneous defeatism.

Taking the Reigns

Do you ever stop to look around and realize how docile everyone is?

You also may have noticed how many people seem to go about their days in a semi-somnambulistic state–almost as if they’re in a haze, listlessly going about their mundane existence. Always in search of something they’re missing that’s “out there.” Hell, maybe you are that person.

Well, you shouldn’t be. 

It’s important to recognize, realize and remember this point:

You create your own happiness.

It’s my contention that the people whom I described above have one key thing in common:

they look to the external–to the environment, and others for subsistence and happiness.

That’s the wrong mindset and you’ll never be truly happy or self-actualized that way.

At best, you’ll end up an emotional rollercoaster, feeling glum most of the time with the odd high–which some artificially create as they turn to drugs/alcohol to escape their reality–even if for only a few moments.

Fuck that.

You and ONLY you are responsible for your own happiness. Further, your happiness comes 100% from within–it’s internally motivated. You’re not some little beta bitch boy who wears his emotions on his sleeve and lets others and the environment dictate his demeanour. 


This leads me to what I really wanted to mention today:

The Importance of Initiative.

Similar to how your happiness is 100% internally controlled, you dictate the outcome of your life.

What I mean by that is that if you want something, you need to harden your resolve and go motherfucking get it.

This means taking initiative with women and men, leading every interaction that you have.

You set the dynamic in each and every interaction you have. You don’t allow others or the environment to dictate to you what you can or cannot do. You make shit happen. The world bends over backwards for YOU. Dominate, don’t supplicate.

Practically, this means that you don’t slink around when you enter a room, barely being noticed.

Instead, you’ve been working on cultivating presence (something I’ll write about in the future) and when you enter the room and everywhere you go about, you’re emitting a lot of positive energy and it’s infectious. People notice it, they can feel it and are drawn to it. You can feel all eyes on you. You’re getting heavy eye contact, you catch a couple girls staring and turning around just to get another look at you.

But none of this matters to you.

Sure, it’s nice but it is meaningless to your happiness. You’ve already brought all of that energy into the room and around you wherever you go. It’s constant.

However, this is a great tool as it puts you into the right mood for social interactions.

  • You’re looking to maximize your self-amusement
  • Have a lot of fun
  • Be sociable

That’s it.

Now when you combine that frame of mind with your infectious presence, you’re one dangerous man.

People, and especially girls want to be drawn into your world. They’re all extremely receptive to you before you even speak a word or look in their direction. Now it’s your game to lose. All you have to do is get the magic word out of your mouth:



It’s also crucial to take initiative in your life with respect to your own goals, ambitions and personal development.

It’s a common theme in the western world to become complacent, fearful of change–even fearful of success and to be lulled into the false comfort of mediocrity. This threat is especially potent when you are surrounded by pussies and manginas with no zest for life (losers) who will only serve to pull you down to their level. Remember, company matters.

It’s even worse when you consider how well accepted it is, how it’s considered perfectly “normal” just because it’s common, (not because it’s desirable). How it’s even encouraged–who hasn’t been told to just “settle down” get a “safe job” and saddle up with a post-wall victim so you can grow to hate eachother–happily ever after of course.

Fuck that.

Realize that everyone out there is looking out for number one and that no one is going to give as much of a shit about you and your aspirations as YOU do. So if you aren’t completely into whatever it is you’re doing and if you don’t have much of a resolve or aspire to do anything extraordinary, you NEVER will. No one is going to gift you anything. Sometimes opportunities will present themselves to you, but ultimately you have to make your own opportunities by being PROACTIVE not reactive. Further, no one can do something for you. What I mean by this is if you want something you need to sack up and fucking go for it. A great example of this are fat people. Between bites of cookie dough, you always hear them whine and complain about how they want to lose weight and finally get in shape. Yet they never do it because they’re always looking for that magic pill or someone/something to MOTIVATE them. They’re not serious about their aspirations, their life or themselves. Being fat is admitting that you have ZERO self-respect. Fat people are a great example of what not to do with your life.

You need to be different, take initiative in your own life with respect to your goals and personal development.

Nobody can do it for you.

How to Approach New Social Situations

It’s pretty simple.

Life’s one big party and you’re the host–it’s your house.

So act the part.

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